Welcome to my professional research pages.

My name is Julian Higman and I am a professional researcher covering the County of Oxfordshire and the adjacent counties of Berkshire, Gloucestershire (including Bristol), Wiltshire, Northamptonshire, Surrey & Middlesex (including London), Warwickshire (including Birmingham) and Hampshire (including Southampton).

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42 Aldworth Ave, Wantage, OX12 7EJ


1969 – 1979 Commercial Banking in the City (Accepting House – the accounting & computer depts, and so involved. Systems Analysis and Programming; and a French Commercial Bank in Foreign Exchange Settlements)

1979 – 1985 Media (Publishing and Advertising)

1985 – 2010 Caring, both at home & in the Profession


25 plus years working on genealogical activities across all centuries back to the Conquest. In England, across many Counties, mainly south of the Lune (Lancashire) to the Wash, plus Searches in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and minor forays into France (Huguenot) and Florentine Italy


Probates (especially pre  1858) pre 1841, Merchant & Middle classes, One Name take outs (where the name warrants it through its relatively low count in the archives). Have Latin and will do translations.

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